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On behalf of Wushu Shaolin Entertainment, here is the full character campaign posters inspired by the recent performance for the Huading Awards in Los Angeles, California. These posters illustrate the profound beauty that is Shaolin Kung Fu. Please feel free to share these posters or post them on your social media outlets.

On behalf of Don Mischer Productions, best known for producing the Emmys and Academy Awards, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was cordially invited to produce a Shaolin Warriors Live Showcase during the prestigious Huading Awards. Lucy Liu co-host with Chinese presenter Olivia Xu at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre. The live event was broadcast in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and on the International Chinese Network. Organizers say it reached an audience of one billion and four hundred million viewers on more than 60 Television Channels. — with Sal Redner, Ashley Short, Christopher Pelletier, Tuyet SilverSnow Vong,YanTuo Shi, Sen Gao, Long Yuan, Li Qiang, Shi Monkxing and Zhenlong Yu. Wushu Shaolin Entertainment of Gardena, California produced the Shaolin Warriors live showcase. It was an all-star troupe that featured several International Wushu Champions from the recent Kung Fu Magazine Championships held in San Jose, California. These Kung Fu masters have trained since childhood in mental and physical disciplines, which allow them to perform incredible feats one thought only possible in the movies.
In a fully choreographed theatrical production, the Shaolin Warriors bring the remarkable skill, stunning movement and spectacular imagery of Kung Fu to stages throughout the globe.
Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is world renowned for producing International Chinese Cultural showcases featuring the most creative cultural artisans in the industry. The team has performed in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and throughout the United States for countles distinguished guests. Each show takes months of preparation combining music, dance, Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and elaborate Chinese Cultural Costumes.
The live show production company offers professional Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, and Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu performances. Each show features the leading Chinese Cultural Artisans in the industry to provide clients with the most professional demonstration troupe in the world. Current performers include Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Monks, Black Belt Martial Artist, and industry standard Lion and Dragon
Dance performers.
For international clients interested in booking a Shaolin Warriors Live Showcase, Lion Dance, or Dragon Dance performance, please contact Wushu Shaolin Entertainment today.